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Blind Melon

  • 🇺🇸 Los Angeles, CA
  • Years Active
    1990 - Now
Blind Melon shot to fame in 1993 when its hit single "No Rain" became an overnight sensation, boosted by a wildly popular MTV video.

Blind Melon formed in Los Angeles in 1990, bringing together frontman Shannon Hoon, guitarists Christopher Thorn and Rogers Stevens, bassist Brad Smith and drummer Glen Graham. Their earthy fusion of rock, blues and psychedelia attracted the attention of Capitol Records, which released Blind Melon's self-titled debut album in 1992.

"No Rain," written by Smith and made immortal by Hoon's affecting vocal, became a cultural phenomenon thanks to its celebrated music video, featuring young actress Heather DeLoach as the Bee Girl, a character inspired by the photo of Graham's sister featured on the cover of the Blind Melon LP. The group faced personal and professional challenges in the wake of its success, however, most notably Hoon's struggle with drug addiction. He suffered a fatal overdose in 1995, soon after the release of the band's second album, the cult-favorite Soup.

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