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  • 🇺🇸 Minneapolis, MN
  • Years Active
    1995 - Now
Semisonic leveraged the melodic hooks and introspective lyrics of singer/guitarist Dan Wilson to produce 1998's platinum-selling Feeling Strangely Fine, scoring one of the last big commercial hits of the alternative rock era with its after-hours anthem "Closing Time."

Wilson and Semisonic bassist John Munson first teamed in Trip Shakespeare, the eccentric Minneapolis band signed to A&M Records for a pair of ambitious but ignored LPs, Across the Universe and Lulu. Drummer Jacob Slichter rounded out the Semisonic lineup, which in 1995 issued its debut EP Pleasure on Boston label CherryDisc. The trio signed to Elektra Records to produce its first full-length, Great Divide, but Semisonic was let go in the midst of leadership shuffles at the label, ultimately releasing the completed album on RCA instead.

"Closing Time" - written by Wilson to wrap up Semisonic's live sets, but also inspired by the impending birth of his daughter - highlighted Feeling Strangely Fine, the band's breakthrough album, but when the follow-up All About Chemistry failed to reach similar heights, Semisonic went on extended hiatus. Wilson subsequently gained recognition as a hitmaker for hire, partnering on Grammy-winning hits for the Chicks and Adele.

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