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  • 🇺🇸 Chicago, IL
  • Years Active
    1998 - Now
OK Go is an alternative rock band best known for its visually stunning, high-concept music videos, many of which became viral sensations across social media.

OK Go - lead vocalist and guitarist Damian Kulash, bassist Tim Nordwind, keyboardist/guitarist Andy Ross and drummer Andy Duncan - formed in Chicago in 1998, eventually relocating to Los Angeles and signing to Capitol Records. In conjunction with the single "Here It Goes Again" - a showcase for OK Go's catchy, power pop-inspired melodies, tight harmonies and alternative rock muscle - the band produced a music video featuring all four members performing a choreographed dance routine on treadmills. The video became a viral sensation, racking up more than 50 million views on YouTube and winning a Grammy Award for Best Music Video.

The success of "Here It Goes Again" inspired OK Go to continue producing elaborate videos: "This Too Shall Pass" featured a Rube Goldberg machine, and "The One Moment" used high-speed cameras to capture a series of precisely choreographed events.

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