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Caught In A Mosh

  • KORD-0114
  • Released March 16, 1987
  • by Anthrax
  • from Among the Living
In 1986, the year thrash evolved from a speedy branch of heavy metal into a genuine commercial phenomenon, Anthrax watched from the stage as its ear-splitting assault drove the Denver crowd to madness. Then, in founder Scott Ian's words, "A kid climbed onstage and fucked up my pedalboard." Guitar tech Artie Ring, fearing damage to Anthrax's gear, went to toss the kid off the stage. Moments later, Ring found himself consumed by the fray, and when the battered and bruised roadie crawled out of his bunk the next day, he clutched his back in pain. The band asked what happened, and Ring replied "Oh, man, I got caught in a mosh."Read more...

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