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The Undisputed Truth

  • 🇺🇸 Detroit, MI
  • Years Active
    1970 - 1981
The Undisputed Truth, assembled by Motown Records staff producer Norman Whitfield to bring his psychedelic soul vision to life, scored a massive crossover hit with 1971's "Smiling Faces Sometimes."

Whitfield and lyricist Barrett Strong originally wrote "Smiling Faces Sometimes" for a more established Motown act, the Temptations, recording a 12-minute version for the group's Sky's the Limit LP. But when lineup changes roiled the Tempts, Whitfield decided to record a new, single-length version of the song with his new protégés, the Undisputed Truth - vocalists Joe Harris, Billie Calvin and Brenda Joyce Evans.

The retooled "Smiling Faces Sometimes," highlighted by Whitfield's dense, foreboding production, climbed to number three on the Billboard pop chart and number two on the R&B chart. Although the Undisputed Truth did not reach the Top Ten again, the trio continued working with Whitfield throughout the decade ahead, both for Motown and his own Whitfield Records.

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