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Jason Ankeny

Jason Ankeny, KORD's Head of Content, is a writer, editor and pop culture historian based in Chicago. He began his career as a music and film critic at online database All Music Guide (now AllMusic), and despite turning his focus to business journalism in 2000 (most notably as the longtime senior staff writer at Entrepreneur magazine), he continued writing about music for publications including Rolling Stone, Wax Poetics, No Depression and The Stranger. Ankeny has also contributed essays to books spotlighting contemporary artists Hebru Brantley, Pipsqueak Was Here!!! and Sergio Farfán.

The Springfield Creamery Benefit still rises to the top

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benny blanco meets Halsey and Khalid on the ‘Eastside’

Before he was the impish foil of rapper Lil Dicky on the FX network’s must-watch cringe comedy Dave, benny blanco was merely one of the biggest music producers in the universe. His shapeshifting, kitchen-sink production ethos is the sound of pop radio in the post-millennium age, midwifing career-defining records for superstars Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Justin […]

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