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Stoned Love

  • KORD-0110
  • Released October 15, 1970
  • by The Supremes
  • from New Ways But Love Stays
The Supremes earned their biggest hit of the post-Diana Ross era with 1970's psychedelic pop symphony "Stoned Love," a showcase for the vocals of Ross' replacement, Jean Terrell.Read more...

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Track Facts

Produced by Frank Wilson
Arranged by Dave Van DePitte

Track recorded March 10, 1970; background vocals recorded at Golden World, April 2; horns added at GW, April 27; strings added at GW, May 12; miscelaneous overdubs recorded June 8, 1970; final overdubs recorded in Washington, D.C., date(s) unknown

Released as Motown M1172 A, October 15, 1970
R&B #1, Pop #7

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