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Golden World

Golden World Records was a record label owned by Ed Wingate and Joanne Bratton (née Jackson, former wife of boxing champion Johnny Bratton).

The Golden World recording studio was located in Detroit, Michigan, United States, first on 11801 12th Street (now known as Rosa Parks Boulevard), and then on 3246 West Davison, within the area of the present-day Davison Freeway. A business office on some of the labels reads 4039 Buena Vista, Joanne's home address. Golden World operated from 1962 to 1968.

The studio's national hits included "Oh How Happy" by Shades of Blue, from Livonia, Michigan, and "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet" by The Reflections. The early, pre-Motown songs by Edwin Starr ("War"), such as "Agent Double-O-Soul", were recorded in the Golden World studio.

The label and its subsidiaries were purchased by Berry Gordy in 1966, and folded into Gordy's Motown Record Corporation. The Golden World studio became Motown's "Studio B", working in support of the original Motown recording studio (Studio A) at Hitsville USA. Before its purchase by Gordy, the studio's recordings often included moonlighting Motown back-up musicians, including James Jamerson on bass and George McGregor, who was the studio percussionist.

The famous clock that hung in Golden World Records is currently owned by Melodies and Memories in Eastpointe, Michigan, and is on display there. A restored old Steinway piano that Motown inherited from Golden World is now on display at the Motown Museum.
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